OLIVE OIL from La Macina di Bettona

The Umbrian olive oil is one of the best of the world, both for salad dressing and for cooking. It is a real panacea, especially when it is cold pressed right after olives have been picked from the many varieties of trees ("moraiolo", "frantoio", "raggio" and "leccino"), thus keeping all its nutritional qualities and its delicate flavour.

You can purchase our olive oil directly from La Macina di Bettona; call or fax to 0759869237, or to the mobile 3493118289 or send an email: [Here]

Bottle. L. 0.75 packet with 6 bottles 60.00 Euro
Bottle. L. 0.75 packet with 12 bottles 115.00
Tin L. 5 50.00
Jug L. 5 52.00

Visit the homesite of Agriturismo La Macina di Bettona - also a great place for your holyday!

Contact our danish agent, Kristen Skriver Frandsen, about the rules on tax and importing from Italy.

Tlf. +45 23 60 76 34
or send an email: [Here]